Protecting our environment

As a scientist, one of the issues I am most passionate about is protecting the environment. As the Trump administration dismantles the EPA and environmental regulations, Maryland must act to protect our natural resources and our climate. As your State Senator, I will:

  • Initiate a “Green Bank” program in Maryland: a public-private partnership to invest in new energy technology, benefiting our environment as well as small businesses.
  • Ensure Maryland meets milestones in the “Clean Water Blueprint,” including the development of metrics to track new pollution arising from land development
  • Incentivize developers to include green infrastructure, such as permeable pavement and green roofs,  decreasing the amount of storm water carrying pollutants into the Bay and its tributaries.
  • Oppose the construction of the Potomac pipeline under the Potomac river in Maryland. Besides the risks to our water when the pipeline leaks, which could be catastrophic, it disregards the values of Marylanders, who have made their opposition to fracking clear.