A vision for a 21st century Frederick.

Thanks to all who came out for our first fundraiser on March 19th at Area 31. It was a successful night, and I enjoyed the chance to share my vision of a vibrant 21st century Frederick, and hear your vision for the future. 

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is one where new parents have time to recover, and bond with their new child, without worrying about losing their job or their home. Where young people facing an illness, or grown children taking care of aging parents can take leave and focus on their health and family.

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is one where every kid can go to the school in their neighborhood, and it’s the best school in the state. Because no matter where you live, or how much money your parents have, whether you own or rent, the school you go to should be the best we have to offer.

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is as a science and technology hub. Where we build on the great science already being done here, and make Frederick an epicenter for biotechnology, IT and cybersecurity. For those who will still need to commute, let’s make their lives easier with modern, bus rapid transit, and let’s invest in expanded rail, not just to DC, but to Baltimore.

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is on where we use evidence based medicine to address the opioid epidemic. We cannot allow our discomfort with drug use to drive our policies. Comprehensive user engagement sites can combine safe injection sites with medication based treatment, as well as other treatment options. This is literally an issue of life and death. But it is one where we can make a difference. We can save lives, but we must be bold.

My vision for a 21st century Frederick is one that is part of a state that uses 100% renewable energy. As a scientist, and a mom, I am passionate about making sure our children inherit a livable planet.

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is one where we support our burgeoning craft breweries, and bring jobs, and tourist dollars, here to Frederick, instead of sending them to neighboring states. It’s also a Frederick where workers make a living wage – nobody working 40 hours a week should have to live in poverty.

My vision of a 21st century Frederick is bold, and forward thinking. It’s one where everyone’s voice is heard. Where everyone has a seat at the table. But that’s more than my version of Frederick. That’s our version of Frederick. A welcoming place to live and work, where we care about each other, and our environment, where we work together to solve problems, because we have more in common than we disagree on.

There is work to be done to make that vision a reality.  Will you help me? Help me get the word out: ask your friends to like and follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve signed up to volunteer, stay tuned for opportunities coming soon. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?